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The logo aim to represent the three original pillars on which Prevent was born:

  • Civil protection & emergency

  • Safety

  • Training

The name Prevent underlines how we cannot really speak of safety without taking adequate preventive action.


The letter V of PreVent, marked by a dot in the center, is meant to represent a person in a stylized way with theri arms raised, a universal pose of request for help. 


Furthermore, in the international code of maritime flags and signals, the V (victor) is the flag to be hoisted in the event of a request for assistance.

An idea for foreign companies

With Virgilio, at the service of overseas companies that have received work assignments in Italy.

Virgilio Project offers at foreign companies, guests in Italy, all the expertise and the experience gained in over 10 years working in the world of industrial safety.

Trusted and competent consultants will support your company in the complex world of the safety regulations, assessing the state of affairs, planning targets, reorganizing the procedures and training of staff, in order to align the company with the Italian regulations.

Welcome at Prevent website!


Our mission is offer support to everyone who are faced with the issue of safety and emergency, about work places and emergency planning. If you are interested at these topics, please browse the various pages of our site in order to fully understand all the services we can offer. For further informations, please do not hesitate to call us.

Rope rescue
Industrial Rescue
Industrial rescue team
Industrial Emergency Response Team
High angle rescue
Confined spaces inspection
Trauma training
SKED package
Power plant inspection

    Prevent is an italian company operating in the field of civil protection, occupational safety and training, created by a group of young professionals that share a strong innovative spirit.

   Each project is based on the professionalism and expertise provided by our staff, to propose a renewed and dinamic vision of the safety concept.

   The competence of the Prevent group originated from breeding ground of university classrooms, then developing its expertise in public administrations and private companies, which led in 2012 to the creation of this new company, one of a kind.

    The constant contact with the world of emergency and international risks studies are the key pillar for the development of our group projects.

   Prevent selection includes all activities related to the areas of risk assessment, prevention and rescue with particular regard to finding solutions about planning, training and communication.

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