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Soluzioni e servizi per la protezione civile e la sicurezza

This service is aimed at overseas organizations, companies or freelancer, interested in working in Italy

Your company has obtained contracts to work in Italy?


You're a freelancer who performs or will perform activities in Italy?

PREVENT is your solution!

If you have difficulties to find your way in the complex world of bureaucracy, or you've never had contact with the Italian working management, Prevent will be your trusted partner in adapting your company to the obligations imposed by safety.


Consultants trusted and experienced native Italian, follow your company in the world of the legislation on safety and training. You'll have all the knowledge and experience that Prevent staff have developed in over 10 years working in the biggest industrial companies in Italy and worldwide.


We'll support you in the development of planning process, preparation and control of all documentation necessary to carry out your work in perfect agreement with the Italian legislation.


Also you will have a team of experienced trainers who will design the proper training to be in compliance with the regulations on safety in the workplace.

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