Who is Prevent

    Prevent is an italian company operating in the field of civil protection, occupational safety and training, created by a group of young professionals that share a strong innovative spirit.

   Each project is based on the professionalism and expertise provided by our staff, to propose a renewed and dinamic vision of the safety concept.

   The competence of the Prevent group originated from breeding ground of university classrooms, then developing its expertise in public administrations and private companies, which led in 2012 to the creation of this new company, one of a kind.

    The constant contact with the world of emergency and international risks studies are the key pillar for the development of our group projects.

   Prevent selection includes all activities related to the areas of risk assessment, prevention and rescue with particular regard to finding solutions about planning, training and communication.

Rope rescue

Il logo intende rappresentare tre visioni del concetto di sicurezza su cui Prevent ha posto le sue basi di lavoro:


  • Protezione civile

  • Sicurezza sul lavoro

  • Formazione


Il nome Prevent sottolinea come non si possa parlare realmente di sicurezza prescindendo da una adeguata azione di prevenzione.


La di PreVent contraddistinta da un puntino al centro, vuole rappresentare in maniera stilizzata una persona con le braccia alzate, segnale universalmente riconosciuto come richiesta di aiuto. 




Nel codice internazionale delle bandiere e dei segnalamenti marittimi, inoltre, la V (victor) è la bandiera da issare in caso di richiesta di soccorso.

"More effective prevention strategies would save not only tens of billions of dollars, but save tens of thousands of lives. Funds currently spent on intervention and relief could be devoted to enhancing equitable and sustainable development instead, which would further reduce the risk for war and disaster. Building a culture of prevention is not easy. While the costs of prevention have to be paid in the present, its benefits lie in a distant future. Moreover, the benefits are not tangible; they are the disasters that did not happen."


Kofi Annan - World Summit on Sustainable Development 2002